Onda Shawl


Luxuriously soft shawl woven with high quality Italian merino with an intense shimmer.

  • 60 Italian merino
  • 40 Organic cotton (GOTS certified)

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This beautiful merino wool shawl is woven with 4 different yarn colors of high quality Italian merino called Cashwool. Deep black organic cotton warp deepens the colors and our Onda wave creates 2 layers in different colors.

Onda Shawl is a lightweight shawl with unparalleled softness and shimmer.

Inkanto woven baby wraps and shawls are ethically handcrafted with high quality yarns.

Onda is a beautiful merino wool shawl that is made from the same woven fabric as our Onda woven wrap.

Our shawls are ideal to use as an elegant evening and wedding wear as well as a maxi scarf. Shawls can also be used as a quick and short baby wrap in those moments when your little one needs a quick and unexpected carry.

Measure: 200 cm x 70 cm

2nd Category products have some aestethics imperfections without compromising the quality or functionality of the product.

Inkanto baby wraps are  for you and your baby to experience the most lovely, unique and natural way of babywearing.

Exceptional attention to raw materials. Only best quality natural fibers. Respect of both ethical and ecological values. Inkanto baby wraps are woven and tested several times to achieve the maximum quality.

Our vision is the use of high quality raw materials to create a product that is both practical, beautiful and lasts over time. 

The most beautiful things are not beautiful only outside. Inkanto baby wraps enclose a pure and ethical story of its origins. Unparalleled softness. Timeless and clean design. Accurately selected high quality natural fibers. Every model is unique because we produce our wraps in small batches. Inkanto baby wraps offer unique babywearing experience enclosing a pure and transparent story with a soul of meaningful values.

Natural beauty and ethical soul with a twist of Italian elegance. 

Click here to take a look at our production explained here (at the moment it is only in Italian but will be in English soon).


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