Gadir Corallo ring sling


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Crafted from sustainable linen, this baby wrap is highly luminous and gorgeously color changing. Soft, graceful and durable with a natural feel. Perfectly fresh and supportive, yet not too thick. Suitable for all experience levels since this wrap becomes quickly dreamy soft and gets better and better in use.

  • 270 gr/m2
  • 65% cotone organico (GOTS)
  • 35% Italian linen


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Out of stock


Beautiful coral pink linen ring sling Gadir Corallo offers unique energizing tone of living coral! Beautiful feel and glow of the sustainable and ecological linen. Deliziosa tonalità di corallo energizzante e piena di vita. Luminosità e brillantezza che catturano la luce. Gadir Corallo coral pink linen ring sling is woven with super soft organic cotton and beautiful natural linen. Casual elegance for everyday babywearing.

Our high quality linen turns out buttery soft and easy to wrap. Linen gets better over time and lasts better than any other natural fiber. This is why linen is our favorite! Suits from birth up to 20 kilograms.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash at 40 degrees. Low spin. Use mild liquid detergent. Do not bleach or use softeners. Tumble dry or hang dry. Iron with steam at linen temperature.

Ring slings are awesome baby carriers for situations where you need get the baby quickly in the carrier for a relatively short time. Ring sling is easy to put on and adjusting takes only little time. Breastfeeding is also fairly easy with the ringsling.

Ring color may vary between gold, silver and red according to our stock availability.

Bebering is the producer of high quality woven baby wraps Inkanto. Our small family business is located on the Adriatic coast in Southern Italy. Our aim is to produce ethically high quality baby wraps, paying special attention to the quality raw materials and their production process.

We use only natural and organic yarns of highest quality: soft and pure organic cotton of highest standard for organic production (GOTS), beautiful and ecological European linen and the softest Italian merino wool. No artificial or synthetic materials are used.

All our wraps are made to order, which means we sew your wrap at the moment of the order. This helps us to control in the best way the use of our woven fabric, avoiding at the maximum the waste. Every detail is carefully controlled and you will get a unique piece made just for you.


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