Initium Newborn Ring Sling


Initium premature baby sling – newborn ring sling is made from the purest and softest organic cotton, free from pesticides and other chemicals. Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified, that is the most high standard for organic cotton.

Our premature baby sling / newborn ring sling is a thin and soft veil that wraps your little one delicately near his/her parent’s chest. Initium is a sling developed to carry premature babies and newborns. Due to its thin and soft texture it is easy to handle. The red color is aware choice as it is particularly suitable for stimulating the development of the vision.

  • 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • 215 gr / m2

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The Initium premature baby sling and newborn ring sling is especially designed to provide Kangaroo Care for premature babies and to carry newborn babies. We created Initium taking into consideration particular and important characteristics that kangaroo care and newborn carrying require.

We have developed our new sling by carefully listening to the babywearing consultants who work closely with premature babies and kangaroo care professionals that work in the neonatal intensive care environment.

We have concretely translated the necessary and most important needs and characteristics to carry premature and newborn babies. Based on their advice and suggestions, we have designed a particularly thin and soft baby sling that combines a light, airy and smooth weaving technique, with bright red color that activates and stimulates the development of the sight of the little ones.

As a result we obtained a baby sling that is similar, in its thinness and lightness, to an elastic baby wrap that is generally used in a Kangaroo Care and in carrying a newborn. The difference from a traditional jersey sling is that Initium, being a woven baby wrap, can be used for longer time as your baby grows and gains weight.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: this newborn ring sling can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Use mild liquid detergent. Do not bleach or use softeners. Tumble dry or hang dry. Iron with steam at cotton temperature. Remember to cover the rings with a piece of fabric to avoid them to get scratched.

Ring slings are awesome baby carriers for situations where you need get the baby quickly in the carrier for a relatively short time. Ring sling is easy to put on and adjusting takes only little time. Breastfeeding is also fairly easy with the ringsling.

What is Kangaroo Care?

Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby against his/her parent’s chest that involves skin-to-skin contact. Both mothers and fathers can do kangaroo care. It’s often used with premature infants while they are still in the hospital.

The benefits of kangaroo care are several. It’s good for both premature and full-term babies, and also for the parents. Both mother and father can practice skin-to-skin bonding with the baby.

The benefits of kangaroo care:

  • It improves your baby’s breathing pattern making the breathing more regular.
  • It improves oxygen saturation levels.
  • It stabilizes your baby’s heart rate.
  • It helps to gain in sleep time.
  • It decreases crying.
  • It helps gaining weight quicker.
  • It helps to begin successful breastfeeding.

This same sling can also be ordered as a whole long baby wrap.

We are specialized in the production of baby slings woven exclusively with ecological natural fibers. No artificial fibers are used. We produce our baby wraps in small quantities which allows us to guarantee the high quality of the fabric in all situations.


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