Initium newborn and premature baby sling is made from the purest and softest cotton ever, free from pesticides and other chemicals.

A thin and soft cloud that wraps your little one delicately. Initium is a baby sling especially developed to carry premature and newborn babies. Thanks to its low weight Initium is extremely thin and easy to handle, making it ideal as a first baby sling. Red color is particularly suitable for stimulating the development of sight.

  • 100 organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • 215 gr/m2

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Initium newborn and premature baby sling was designed to be used in prmature babies’ kangaroo therapy / kangaroo care and as a first sling for newborns. Initium was created taking into consideration particular and important characteristics dedicated to carrying preterm and newborn babies. We have developed our new sling by carefully listening to the consultants who work closely with premature babies, kangaroo therapy professionals, in the neonatal intensive therapy environment.

We have concretely translated the necessary and most important characteristics to carry premature and newborn babies. Based on your advice and suggestions, we have designed a particularly thin and soft baby sling that combines a light, airy and smooth weaving technique with a vivid and strong color that activates and stimulates the development of the sight of the little ones.

Our idea was to create a sling that came close in its thinness and lightness to an elastic sling that is generally used in kangaroo therapy and in the first months of a newborn. The difference to a traditional elastic baby sling is that, being a woven baby wrap, Initium can be used longer with multi-layer carries.


Bebering is an Italian family company, designer e producer of Inkanto. The raw fabric of our wraps is woven in a small weaving mill in Finland. All our wraps are cut, handcrafted, sewn and packed in our own atelier in Italy.

Particular attention to raw materials. We use only the best natural fibers of the highest quality. Our production respects ethical and ecological values. Inkanto baby wraps are woven and tested several times for the highest quality and aesthetics.

The most beautiful things are not just beautiful outside. The Inkanto wrap encloses a pure and ethical story of its origin. Unparalleled softness. Clean timeless design. Only nd carefully selected natural fibres of the highest quality. Each model is unique because we weave the wraps in small batches.

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