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After a while our very first “sparkling hearts” pattern is back with Erica, the new linen wool blend baby wrap.

On charcoal black organic cotton warp we weave burgundy red Italian merino wool and cardinal purple linen. This combination forms an exquisite color of aubergine purple, warm and elegant.

The sensation is unique, which only the handcrafted weaving can give. The presence of wool gives softness while linen makes everything supportive and functional. The fabric is soft, pliable, thin but supportive thanks to linen.

Our unique weave that combines 2 pure yarns at the same time (linen yarn and merino wool yarn) highlights the best features of these fabulous natural materials, which industrially blended yarns cannot offer.

  • 26% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 38% linen
  • 36% merino wool

260 gsm

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We present you Erica, our linen wool blend baby wrap. This time with some awsome news!

1) we have revisited the pattern and made it more uniform, more harmonious. Elegancy, functionality, artisan-touch.

2) this pattern is woven for the first time with a beautiful Blend of Elegant Linen, very soft Italian merino wool and organic cotton.

Oh yes, after Brina, we fell madly in love with the beautiful combination of Linen and Merino wool!


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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Ring Sling


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