Brina wool blend Ring Sling


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Ring sling with merino wool, linen and organic cotton. High quality weaving combines the qualities of natural linen, the extreme softness of extra fine merino wool and the purity of organic cotton. The feel of the wrap is supple, soft and functional.

Extra fine merino wool is even softer than standard merino wool. Thanks to the presence of linen, the Brina breathes and gives support, remaining at the same time of medium thickness and easy to perform in different types of bindings.

The colors we have chosen recall the ice blue, the brilliant gray of the frost crystals and the pure white of the snow.

Colors that inspire freshness and elegance.

  • 48% organic cotton GOTS-certified
  • 28% linen
  • 24% merino wool
  • 265 gr/m2

Out of stock


Ring sling with merino wool, linen and organic cotton.

We are specialized in the production of woven baby slings with natural and ecological fibers.

pure organic cotton, European linen and soft Italian wool. Inkanto baby sling, as well as this tri blend blend sling, are woven exclusively with natural ecological fibers. No artificial or synthetic fibers are used. We produce soft and ecological fabrics, with technical characteristics designed exclusively for baby slings.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash or in the washing machine with the wool / delicates program. Spin max 400 rounds. Use mild, liquid detergent. No bleach or fabric softener. Dry horizontally. Iron while still humid, at wool temperature.

Ring sling rings are excellent for situations in which you have to carry the baby easily from one place to another and in which transport does not take long. The ring sling is quick and easy to put on and adjust. Breastfeeding is also possible with the ring sling.

With the ring sling you can carry your baby in front, on the side and on the back. We strongly recommend that you always carry your child upright. Even a newborn can be safely carried this way.

Inkanto ring slings are carefully handcrafted in our workshop in Bari. We have different models and colors available in organic cotton, linen, and merino wool.

The Inkanto fabric is diagonally elastic and offers optimal support for the baby. Large, high-quality aluminum rings make it easy to adjust the ring sling. Our ring slings have a gathered shoulder, the feature that allows you to position the fabric on the shoulder in a better and comfortable way for you.

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To minimize surpluses, our fabrics are mainly produced to order. Consequently, each fabric is cut and sewn only to order. This allows us to effectively use every centimeter of fabric produced and meet the particular needs of our customers. Each wrap and ring sling is cut and sewn by order.


Bebering is an Italian family company, designer e producer of Inkanto. The raw fabric of our wraps is woven in a small weaving mill in Finland. All our wraps are cut, handcrafted, sewn and packed in our own atelier in Italy.

Particular attention to raw materials. We use only the best natural fibers of the highest quality. Our production respects ethical and ecological values. Inkanto baby carriers are woven and tested several times for the highest quality and aesthetics.

The most beautiful things are not just beautiful outside. The Inkanto baby sling embodies a pure and ethical story of its origin. Unparalleled softness. Clean timeless design. Only nd carefully selected natural fibres of the highest quality. Each model is unique because we weave the wraps in small batches.


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